Mid Tenn's Pawn & Loan LLc.

Can't find the firearm you want locally?

We also offer a way for you to order brand new firearms at a minimal markup above dealer cost. Go to galleryofguns.com and enter this VIP PASS CODE: 957899 under "dealer search" and you will have access to any firearm we can order at a discounted price. If you find something you like, you pay 20% via credit card online then it is sent to us here where we put it on layaway for you to pickup according to our layaway policy.  Click on the Gallery of Guns icon to the right to be directed. 

Click on the Gunbroker logo below to see what we have for sale online. 

All background checks are performed on a computer. If you are unable to use a computer for simple data entry then we will not be able to perform the transfer for you. 

Don't worry we can help you get exactly what you are looking for. We offer the lowest transfer fees around at $30 including TBI background check. You can download the license (blue icon at bottom of page) and send it to the seller yourself via fax, mail, or email. Make sure to check that your seller includes your name and phone number in the shipment so we can reach you when your firearm arrives. 


  • We charge $30 for up to TWO firearms. Each additional firearm transferred at one time is $10 extra.

    • ​Example: You buy three pistols/rifles, you will be charged $40 at the time of pickup (this includes the background check) 

  • If you fail to pass the TBI background check for you firearm transfer we will allow up to 30 days to arrange for it to be returned to the seller. After the 30th day you will forfeit the firearm and it will become our property to dispose of in a manner of our choosing. During the 30 day holding period it will be up to you to arrange return shipping of the item and to communicate between all parties involved. We will collect the $30 transfer charge before we ship the item back to the seller. 

  • You may download a copy of our FFL license to be used for  a gun transfer below. This is only for incoming transfers and not for face to face gun transactions. 

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