We also buy items outright and offer check and title loans as available money lending services. If you are interested in a check or title loan please fill out the form below and bring it in completed with a 30 day bank statement, your DL, SS, paycheck stub, and a current utility bill. If you are applying for a title loan your vehicle must be less than 10 years old and the title must be a TN state title free and clear in your name. Bring a spare key in when you come to apply.

check and title application.docx


In order to sell us merchandise or to pawn an item you must be a minimum of 18 years of age. We require that each person seeking to pawn or sell us an item posses some valid form of identification in accordance with state law.

The pawn process is as follows:

  • Pawn terms are for 30 days, at the end of the 30th day the item enters a "30 day grace period" where it is still able to be picked up but will be subject to an additional month's worth of fees to be charged. For example a $100 loan would be $120 if paid on time, but $140 if paid during the grace period.

  • On the 61st day of no payment (30 days after the initial due date) the item becomes the property of the business and we are able to do with it as we please.

  • A customer brings an item in that they are wanting to borrow money for and leave in our possession until they can pay back the money we have given with 20% interest. 

  • Once we determine a value that we are comfortable with and an agreement is struck between the item's owner and the pawn employee the necessary pawn agreement form is printed detailing the item's description, serial number and loaned value. A copy is signed by the customer and retained by the pawnbroker, an original pawn ticket is given for the customer so that they know when the payment is due and how much they are required to pay back in order to redeem the item  We require that the customer present the original pawn ticket or their ID in order to pay the item off. 

Mid Tenn's Pawn & Loan LLc.

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